Here you will find some interviews we did to people who worked or still works in an industrial factory.


Which was the quality in the place you were working and in which conditions?

I didn’t have social security for the years I were working there, I had luck that never happened something wrong to me. I had nice schedules, although it was a hard work and with some risks. There hardly ever were security and hygiene controls. Anyway, I never noticed that they were exploding the workers.

Was there any gender difference?

No, there wasn’t any significative difference, the only thing was that in those times men were usually mechanic and women normally made the manual works that needed more skills. The difference was in the place you were working.

How many workers were in the fabric approx.? Which was the range of ages there?

 I don’t know the reason is that I was working in the same place normally. I think there were between 60 to 100 workers. There wasn’t a lot of young people, the youngers were 25 and the older people stayed there until they retired.

You just said me previously that you lived in the colony while you were working. How many people was there? Were you living alone? How was the live there?

 We were not many people there, I was living in the house of the owner of the factory. I was living with my wife and there were 3 or 4 families more. It was a very nice flat. It was like if you go to work and when you finish you go home.


How long did you work in an industrial factory?

I didn’t work full years because I was a temporary worker. I worked with very short contracts. I maybe worked there for about two years, I finished a contract and then, after a month or something like that, they called me back. I worked in different factories.  

At what age did you start and finish?

I started working in a factory when I was 18. It was in La Piara, in Manlleu, and I was there for a month. A long time later I spent about 6 months at Casa Tarradellas. Then I moved to Sabadell, and there I worked in more factories. I finished working in factories when I was  20 or 21.

Why did you leave the factories?

Because I finished my studies.

Which type of factories did you work in?

Most of them were from the food sector.

Are they still open?

Yes, they are.

Were there more women or men working?

There were more women, but it was curious because women didn’t do the same work as men.

So the highest posts were given to the men, weren’t they?

Yes, I remember that in Casa Tarradellas all women worked in the assembly lines, but the people in charge were men.

Which was your position?

I was an operator.

Which was your timetable?

It depended on the contract. I normally worked at night or in the afternoon, when I had no classes at the university.

Do you think you were well paid for all the hours you did?

The pity is that I worked when the “boom” of temporary companies was at its best, and it seemed that you had a good salary (€ 1000 or more), but when you saw the payroll you realized that you quoted little for social security, which in the long run is bad for you because it makes your pension lower.

Was there any robot?

There were machines, but not robots like now, with arms and things like this. There were many things we had to do it by ourselves.


How do you see that the factories has evolved? Is there something that you think that has changed significantly?

Yes, the security has meant a big change, now there’s no people with no social security. At this moment there are periodic controls of the machines and the workers to increase the security in the factory.

Have you noticed in any of your ages a gender difference or that you were exploded?

I’ve never noticed. There has always been equality and I’ve never been exploited, even though I’ve worked with difficult schedules.

Is there any anecdote that could reflect that change in the security?

Yes, I cut off my hand in a machine that was stretching hide. That doesn’t mean that today can’t happen but it’s more difficult than a few years ago.


Introduce yourself.

My name is Jason Scaricaciottoli, I’m 47 years old. I was born in Camden, New Jersey, USA, and now I live in Vic, Catalunya. I am a professional cooker and right now I am working in an ice cream factory.

Have you worked in a factory or its your first time?

I’ve never currently worked in an industry or a factory, but the only factory I’ve ever worked in is here were. We produce ice cream but not a great amount.

Why do you like to do this job?

There are many reasons why I like what I do it’s because one, we make a product that is very dives and people really appreciate and like our products.

The salaries of the factory are reasonable or very poor?

I think the salary for what a person makes in a factory is low, but the cost of living is also low. It kind of equals itself out but I would say that the base salary in Spain is low.

How many years have you been working in the factory / industry?

I’ve been working 16 years working in the ice cream factory.

Is the schedule that you follow now different from that of x years ago?

The hours are normal during the week but during the weekends we work on Saturday and Sunday which normally factories don’t do, but other than that we work all summer, and in winter we have a little break.


How do you think the industrial factories will be in the future?

I think they will be robotized. There will be maximum three people controlling the place. They will control the factory from home.

How do you think the industrial factories will be in the future?

Fully technified and there won’t be any worker.

How do you think the industrial factories will be in the future?

We will enjoy more our free time because all the factories will be robotized.