Here there are some places that were built many years ago. There is an old and a new photo of each building to compare how does they have changed during all these years.

Plaça de l’Estació

In the left photo we can see how the train station was in 1446. It was surrounded by houses and in front of it there was a square.

The photo on the right has been taken in February 2019. The station is in operation but over the years it has grown considerably, because during all these years a lot of people have used the train. Trade has also grown around them and the square has become a road with a roundabout. They have even built the university very close.

Passeig de Vic

The photo in the left shows us how Passeig de Vic was at 1882 in a day of market. There were some buildings, most of them houses. There were only little familiar shops because the big boutiques didn’t exist by then.

The photo in the right also shows us Passeig de Vic but in the actuality. Most of the shops are franchises, and the buildings are bigger and more completed.

Pont Romà

The photo in the left was taken in 1926 and we can see “el pont the Queralt”, which is a roman bridge. It crosses the Meder river. Next to the rock bridge there was a tannery.

Nowadays there are no differences: the buildings around the bridge hasn’t changed and the tannery is still there, but in ruins.


La Farinera is one of the places that has more changed through the time. In the left photo we can see that the building is surrounded be a big garden and some buildings too.

In the image in the right we can see how it is in the actuality. The gardens have disappeared and there’s surrounded by a lot of buildings.