Here you’l lsee some news that happened many years ago, few years ago or nowadays.

Chronicle – Tuesday, 13th February 1883

An executive commission of Colon is made for fill a vacancy of it, because the previous workers died. Everyone approves the proposal. There are 120.000p destined to the monument construction.

They agree with the organization that there will be a visit to the Torra and San’s factory, near the station, and visitors will have a breakfast prepared were they will be able to taste different hams or sausages made in the factory.

In this new we can see that industrial people in Vic and Barcelona’s bourgeoisie have a great relationship.

Chronicle – Thursday, 21st August 1884

There was a huge thunderstorm in Vic, Ribes, Granollert, Mollet and some towns in the coast, even though Vic was the most affected. There were hailstones bigger that hen eggs. It destroyed forests and it made so much trouble in Vic’s train station and other buildings. There were hailstones bigger that hen eggs. It also destroyed vineyard and fields in other towns.

Catalan food sector damaged by Russian crisis – Sunday, 6th September

Catalan food industry is seriously damaged by Russian crisis, and pig industry is punished by price defence. Companies from Tarradellas and Espina are affected, because they sent merchandise to Moscou. Finally, a lot of company strategies will be modified.

30 more roads after finishing Eix Transversal – Tuesday, 29th September 1998

After finishing Eix Transversal, more than 30 more roads are made with a value of 46.000 euros.

A new Pascual factory – Saturday, 22nd October 2005

The milk factory “Pascual” opens a factory in Gurb. To celebrate their opening they make a presentation at “El Sucre” where there assist more than 200 farmers from Osona. The factory gives a job to hundreds of people.

Optical fiber arrives at Osona – 14th August 2018

Diputació de Barcelona has started to do the job about putting optical fibre throughout Osona. It is the first execution fase that will arrive to 26 townships and will be finished before 2016. 7,9 million euros will be invested in 114,2km of roads. More than 78 thousand people will be benefited.